Tiny Hornets at 389 Melrose
to Sep 8

Tiny Hornets at 389 Melrose

TINY HORNETS, or, it didn't have to come to this
a musical folkloric spectacle by The Drunkard's Wife
August 24, 25, 31, Sept. 1, 7, 8 at 7:30 pm
389 Melrose St

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TINY HORNETS invites you to experience our people's folk ways, mores, and lores. You will witness the folk at work and at play, dancing their authentic dances, and singing very traditional songs. Guided by an intrepid Ethnographer, you will meet many fascinating village types, including Essie, a young girl who longs for a taste of something more... flesh.

Written and directed by Normandy Sherwood
Composed and Music Directed by Craig Flanagin
Sets by Yung Oh Le Page
Lights by Christina Tang
Video by David Pym
Costumes by Normandy Sherwood and Chelsea Collins

With Admiral Grey, Juliana Francis Kelly, Jordan Baum, Hanlon Smith-Dorsey, Maxwell Cosmo Cramer, Alexander Paris, Blaze Ferrer, Maggie Robinson, Kristine Haruna Lee, Mieko Gavia and more!

and The Drunkard's Wife: Rachel Swaner, Dan Whalen, Genny Slag, Tom Abbott, Alan Montecinos, Sam Kulik

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to Jun 4

Permanent Caterpillar at the Brick

The Drunkard's Wife and The Brick present

Permanent Caterpillar

Preview Performances May 19+20 

Show runs May 21-June 4 at 8:00 pm

(with special 3:00 pm performances on May 28 and June 4)

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Monstrous transformations, teenaged-girl-hood, murdering, 1930s radio:  Permanent Caterpillar is a body-horror play with music, the latest production from The Drunkard’s Wife. The Drunkard’s Wife is a no-wave mountain music band/ theater troupe whose works have been seen at the New Ohio Theatre (Feather Gatherers), Uncanny Valley/chashama (Tiny Hornets) and parties and bars all over New York City. Like previous shows by Drunkard’s Wife, Permanent Caterpillar incorporates raucous, no-wave inflected music and a generous, maximalist design sense.

One summer night in a small town, sometime in the 20th century, a teen-aged girl named Charity loses herself in a cave. Or is it a night club? A mysterious torch singer croons as Charity becomes a permanent caterpillar, lost in her own voraciousness. 

Permanent Caterpillar
Written and directed by Normandy Raven Sherwood
Original music by Sam Kulik, performed by the Drunkard’s Wife
Conducted by Nick Demopoulous, 
Music directed by Craig Flanagin

Set and Lighting Design by Josh Smith,  Costume Design by Chelsea Collins and Normandy Sherwood, Stage Management by Emily Goforth.  Featuring Jordan Baum, Maxwell Cosmo Cramer, Juliana Francis-Kelly, Admiral Grey, Kristine Haruna Lee and Kevin Shea. 


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to Feb 26

Gentleman's Choice

Gentleman's Choice by Normandy Sherwood

a workshop, directed by Shannon Sindelar.  Designed by Andreea Mincic, Jeanette Yew, Normandy Sherwood and Chelsea Collins

At University Settlement: February 25, 8 pm; February 26, 8 pm; February 27, 8 pm 

With Ean Sheehy, Jesse Hawley, Kourtney Rutherford, Lisa Clair, Joe Castle Baker

Some info here


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6:00 PM18:00


At Prelude 2015


by Normandy Sherwood

performed by Ean Sheehy, Julia Sirna-Frest and Lisa Clair 

Why do we need all this stuff? I’m sorry it’s such a vague question, but, you see, some Satanists confiscated my notebook, the notebook that had all the details in it.  By stuff I mean things: pencils, erasers, phone cords, wall clocks, pinecones, driveway, threshing machine, silo, catfish, telephone pole, sunset….  Pinecones... Catfish... We are enacting a ritual to mend and recover, to heal our bad relationship with things. We’re reconstructing it from memory. We want to learn how to respect a spoon.

MENDING performed at Prelude on Thursday, October 8, 2015 in the 6:00pm - 7:30pm block.  It is in the Segal Theatre at the CUNY Grad Center (34th and 5th Ave in Manhattan), and it is free.  


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to Oct 4

Iphigenia in Aulis

I designed and made costumes for Iphigenia in Aulis at Classic Stage Company, running for a few more days, until October 4.   I was lucky to work with an amazing group of people-- the play was trans-adapted from Euripides by Anne Washburn, directed by Rachel Chavkin, with music by The Bengsons, choreography by Sonya Tayeh, a beautiful set by Arnulfo Maldonato, lights by Austin Smith and sound by Stowe Nelson....   It is a magic show, beautiful and very sad.   I think you should see it.   

(...and these costumes have been described variously as "silly" (NY Times), "Polynesian"  (The New Yorker), "Balkan thrift-store" (Time Out New York) and "Project Runway gone wrong"  (NY Daily News)-- I am very pleased by all of this.)

You can get $20 Access tickets: the code is ACCESSWK, and the direct link is: https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/948476/prm/ACCESSWK 

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