SPIRITUAL THINGS presents guided visualization as performance.  Loosely inspired by Shaker religious visualization practices, the show takes the audience through an ornate inner landscape, guided by three witchy speakers and a mysterious presence.   These guides enact a kind of initiation ritual that asks the audience to rethink the way they relate to material objects-- especially gloves—in order to access the nonmaterial. The show runs about an hour.

[Or think of it this way: what if the Shakers were a no wave band, and they showed up at your local gallery armed with microphones and ASMR voices and a bunch of gloves and scissors in order to show you how to transcend the material plane.

What's on the marble plinth? Do you know? You must decide.

A performance of interactive listening.]

Developed as a part of the 2014-2015 New Georges JAM.  written by Normandy Sherwood, Directed by Lisa Szolovits