The Drunkard’s Wife presents:

A new materialist spectacle by The Drunkard's Wife
Written by Normandy Raven Sherwood
Directed by Craig Flanagin

MENDING runs for three nights at an occult meeting place in Bushwick! 

Performances November 9, 10 and 11 at 7:00 pm 

at 389 Melrose St!

 at Knickerbocker Ave.; Bushwick, Brooklyn.   L train to Jefferson stop / J or M to Central Ave. stop.

More info at:


Available at the door.

I know what you're thinking:  

Why did I come here -- What is this place --
It's like a self-help seminar -- or a guided meditation.
Or a middle school art class. 
But with music.

Why do we need all this stuff? 

I’m sorry it’s such a vague question, but, you see, some Satanists confiscated my notebook, the notebook that had all the details in it. 

By stuff I mean things: pencils, erasers, phone cords, wall clocks, pinecones, driveway, threshing machine, silo, catfish, telephone pole, sunset…. Pinecones... Catfish... We are enacting a ritual to mend and recover, to heal our bad relationship with things. We’re reconstructing it from memory. We want to learn how to respect a spoon.

MENDING   invites you to heal your broken relationship with things.  A hybrid of a secret meeting, self help seminar, a swap meet and a craft hour, this performance asks:  Why do we need all this stuff? Join us as we attempt to recover our lost knowledge and work out the problem implicit in our relationships with objects.

MENDING is a project of The Drunkard’s Wife, whose last project, TINY HORNETS, was seen at 389 Melrose in August 2017.   The Drunkard’s Wife is a no-wave mountain music band/ theater troupe whose works have been presented at the Brick Theater (Permanent Caterpillar), The New Ohio Theatre (Feather Gatherers), Uncanny Valley/chashama (Tiny Hornets 2012) and parties and bars all over New York City.

MENDING features performers Ean Sheehy, Lisa Clair and Normandy Sherwood! As well as musicians Sana Nagano and Max Maples.  MENDING is written and directed by Normandy Sherwood and Directed by Craig Flanagin. Sets and props by Normandy Sherwood and Craig Flanagin