Gentleman's Choice is a new play by Normandy Raven Sherwood.

A workshop of Gentleman's Choice will presented at University Settlement as a part of University Settlement's Artist in Residence Program in 2016, directed by Shannon Sindelar. Shows will take place on February 25, 26, 27. 

Gentleman's Choice is a play about two prickly, impossible, resentful nerds, MASTER and MISS, who inhabit a sinister simulacrum of an English Country House in a Jane Eyre-ish country of moors, winds, rocky outcroppings, salamanders and dog races. Forced to play roles they don't like or fully understand (those of Master of the house and Governess) these misfit nerds look for ways to find a new order. This play is a romance, in that the nerds create a cautious alliance in the tentative hopes that they will think of a new and heretofore unthought-of way of being. This play is also a tragedy, because these nerds are so bad at their jobs as protagonists upholding a rigidly hierarchical, patriarchal and authoritarian social structure that they get demoted to "Manservant 2' and "Other Maid" 2/3 of the way through the play.     Will they survive this demotion?  Will they be able to escape?  And whom is that faceless presence hiding in the chimney?  In its eerie and absurd way, the play examines acquiescence and resistance in the face of seemingly irresistible social structures, and offers a kind of parable about privilege and passivity.